Nature Does Not Hurry // Mindful Coloring Page

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Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. -Lao Tzu

These words really resonate with me. I should probably repeat them daily. Nature does not hurry, yet everything is accomplished. It is so easy to be in a hurry. Too easy. It is much harder to slow down. To do one thing at a time. To pay attention. I try to practice these things and to be quite honest it is super hard. Most of the time I am only successful in very short bursts. However, no matter how many tasks I manage to juggle at once, more is achieved when I give one thing my full attention. I remind myself that mindfulness is a practice and that it may take years or even a lifetime to hone the gift of presence. In those little moments when I am actually able to slow down though, it is pure joy!

There are lots of ways to slow down and pay attention: take a walk in nature, drink a warm cup of herbal tea, tend to a houseplant, listen to a loved one, read a poem, prepare a home-cooked meal, sit quietly and breathe, and the list goes on... On good days painting can be that for me. There are also lots of times when I am unable to paint without thinking of all of the other tasks that need my attention.

Working with your hands can help to bring the body and mind back together. I remember writing, drawing, and coloring to my heart's content as a child. There was no rush or need to hurry. If only we could reconnect with our childhood selves. What is it Picasso said? Something about every child being an artist and spending the rest of our lives figuring out how to remain one as we grow older? Children carry the wisdom of being present in the world. They are filled with a sense of wonder. We should be so lucky! We can be (with practice)!

I made a coloring page just in case you need to take a mindful moment for yourself to do one thing at a time and just be. Click below to download the PDF. Remember - don't hurry, everything will be accomplished. 

xo Maria