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Happy Love Day! ❤ 

A cheesy, commercialized, sometimes gross holiday - yes. ...but also a good time to think about Love with a capital "L" and the power it has to transform and renew (now who is cheesy?). Today seemed completely appropriate to share this new online home with you, because building it has been a labor of Love for me. I have grown and changed so much over the past year. I wanted to create a website that reflected both my truest self and the process of becoming that we all go through.

The process part is where this blog comes in. What better way to express this journey than with an online journal? A digitally-bound book filled with thoughts, points of inspiration, and daily life as they unfold. It is obvious how writing as self-reflection and idea-forming will benefit my own personal and creative evolution. However, I would love for this space to offer something of value to visitors as well. Is there anything in particular that you would be interested in reading, seeing, or learning here? Please do share! I would be so grateful for your feedback. Feel free to leave a comment below or send me a note here.

A blog may be so early two thousands, but I have always been a bit old-fashioned (a polite way to say that I am 80 at heart), so it fits.

Before I go, two additional shiny, new website features:

A Studio Newsletter. Sign-up to receive occasional updates from my quaint midwestern studio (aka my living room) straight to your inbox. You can find the form at the bottom of my new home page. I promise not to spam you with a thousand e-mails. The plan is a seasonal letter to start (because I am a sucker for the seasons and four annually seems like a sufficient beginning bar to set). I look forward to sharing with you in this new format!

An Online Shop. After a year (maybe more - yikes!) of reassuring interested parties that prints were coming "soon", I am finally making good on that promise. Currently you will find a special selection of eight fine art prints based on well-loved original acrylic paintings. To celebrate the launch of this new online space after months of sweat, blood, and tears (wait, no - just lots of coffee!) use the code LOVEISALLYOUNEED for free shipping on all orders placed through 2/28!

That is all folks! Thank you so much for visiting, reading, and spending time here with me today. Sending lots of Love your way (the good stuff - not the cheesy, gross kind). ❤ 

xx Maria